In Memory Of

Fr. Roger Prefontaine

1926 - 2008

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The Prefontaine family has been truly blessed with Fr. Roger Prefontaine as one of its members. He was an inspiration to all of us, and had the amazing ability to make each one of us feel very special.

He will be forever remembered for his unwavering dedication to his vocation. He possessed great compassion and was a great listener, thus enabling him to help so many people throughout his ministry.

Some of his most outstanding qualities were that of a generous, loving, wise, intelligent person and a man of great faith but, undeniably, his humility was his most remarkable attribute.

He otherwise was gifted in carpentry and construction leaving properties he occupied along the way much improved.

And who can forget his love for playing cards, Yahtzee, Sorry Charlie and various board games and, last but not least, who can forget his contagious smile.

Until we meet again… Rest in peace dear Fr. Roger.




Matt Prefontaine, Carrie Prefontaine, Zac Prefontaine, Abby Prefontaine